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5 Top Interior Design Trends We Love

Let’s be honest… I could spend all day dorking out on popular interior design trends highlighted weekly in different blogs, magazine articles or HGTV….but the truth is that interior design…

Let’s be honest… I could spend all day dorking out on popular interior design trends highlighted weekly in different blogs, magazine articles or HGTV….but the truth is that interior design trends are either classic/timeless/super cool features you want in your house for years to come OR fads that make your house look outdated in a couple years. AND… unfortunately it can be hard to tell the difference. What you need to keep in mind is that any “trend” or feature in your house (no matter what it is) needs to be something you will love for a long time because none of us have the money, time or energy to renovate our homes every couple years. Also, no one wants a house that feels tired or out of style. So to help you out we here at PCH have created a list of our “Top 5 Interior Design Trends” that we regularly use and love here at Precision Custom Homes. Maybe one OR all of these are right for you.

1. The Use of Wood

I hear a lot of folks talk about wanting to bring the outdoors indoors (but of course without the mosquitos… 😉 ) Many of us feel most relaxed when connected with nature and wood accents are a great way to achieve that effect. Let’s face it…Wood is great because it’s simultaneously timeless and provides a calming effect. There is an organic warmth in wood that is hard to replicate using other materials. There are truly SO MANY great things about wood (looks like we’re gonna dork out… stay with me) First of all, wood accents are extremely versatile and compliment any style. I don’t care if you love rustic, country, farmhouse, Asian or very modern artistic spaces— wood done right can always be a perfect addition. Not to mention, there are endless possible design applications and so many different kinds of wood— you can paint it or stain it or leave it as is and create anything from a visually stunning accent wall to beams that become the center piece of your living room. Also, its an environmentally friendly material. Does that seem like crazy talk?? I’m dead’s true. Processing wood releases significantly less harmful carbon emissions than the manufacturing process for most other construction materials. Additionally, wood is a terrific insulator and naturally energy efficient—-so larger pieces may be able to assist in reducing energy consumption for heating and cooling your home. Something even cooler? Psychological studies have shown visible wood in a space can actually have positive health benefits. Bringing in wood and other natural elements can help reduce stress and has proven helpful when used in hospital interior design. AH… yes…there are just oh-so-many reasons to love wood in interior design—just don’t turn your house into an alpine hunting lodge…well… unless you’d love that design for the next 10-20 years. I guess it’s your call…

2. Two Toned and Colored Cabinets

I know… I know… we all love an all white kitchen but don’t we also love not cleaning every day and something really show stopping and original in our kitchens?? Bright and bold cabinets, mixing cabinet materials and two toned cabinets are a growing trend as people move away from all one color kitchens. Cabinetry in washed blues and greens are increasing in demand and making a bold statement interior design. Added bonus? They are paired easily and beautifully with almost an fixtures or design style. Plus two tone or colored cabinets are a great focal point for a room. Struggling with delineating an open concept kitchen and living room?? Different cabinet materials are a fantastic ways to divide work areas visually. A kitchen island or storage cabinets on a specific wall in different colors beautifully accentuate and refresh the space. So how do you paint your cabinets? Generally speaking people normally paint uppers one color and lowers another OR the island a different color than the other cabinets. Both are a great way to update a kitchen and give it a more contemporary look without redoing your entire home to match. Here at PCH our current favorite two tone color combinations are black-n-white, white and gray color tones or gray with a pop of blue/green. Picking a neutral color and combining it with a pastel or subdued tone color is a stylish way to customize your kitchen. The best part is this look somehow manages to be everything: trendy, but still timeless and can suit traditional, farmhouse, vintage, modern or contemporary styles in almost any home. This makes design style a non-issue and two tone cabinets and go anywhere easily. Not sure how to do vintage? An all white kitchen with a teal color island can give you vintage charm AND elegance in spades. And finally, lets not forget about wood!! You know we love wood from #1 up there… Mixing materials and using one set of wood cabinets with a neutral or bold color gives you a little contemporary look with a bit of creative flair.

3. Statement Hanging Pendants

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I LOVE pendant lights because they are the “earrings” or “jewelry” of kitchen design. Just like earrings can make an outfit—pendants can make a space. Pendant lights are the complete package of beauty, form and function. You can find any style to match any home design AND in open floor plans they are a stunning way to fashionably denote space. Does it get better than that??

4. Matte Black Finishes

So… let’s talk finishes for a minute. They might be small but finishes are crucial to design. Never skimp when it comes to finishes. Now as cabinets are getting bolder and brighter…appliances and fixtures to go with them are taking a step in the opposite direction. When it comes to finishes “black is back.” The cool part is matte black finishes are super versatile and can subtly add contrast to wood or more traditional kitchens and give them a more contemporary and modern vibe. Matte Black finishes are perfect in homes right now— whether its in kitchen fixtures, vanity hardware or pendant lights and chandeliers. Think your kitchen is too light for black fixtures? Think again. Done right black accents are a great way to add drama in a light space. So don’t be scared.. go for it!


5. Unique Vanity Mirrors

If you look at PCH homes you will notice an overwhelming trend… we love unique mirrors in our bathrooms. Obsession is a strong word but maybe the right one in this case. For homeowners redesigning your own bathroom on a budget—installing and buying new tile or purchasing a whole new vanity can get costly pretty fast. One great way to give your bathroom a facelift without breaking the bank is to get some really cool one of a kind mirrors. Again— you can get almost anything your heart/interior design style dictates or that your wallet can handle. Have fun with it! Make sure to play around with texture and shape. Nothing gives a bathroom character like a mirror that’s oversized, round or made from an uncommon material. I promise you —> people will take notice. 😉

So there we go folks! 5 beautiful trends to update your home but still keep it livable and looking good for years to come. How do you know we believe in these trends? Simple. We have used them. But, the real test is why do we keep using them? Because everyone else loves them too. So try some wood accents, change out your finishes to matte black, grab a new half bathroom mirror, update your kitchen lights to pendants or paint some cabinets in two tones. Some trends—like these— are DEFINITELY worth your time.

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