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De-coding the Differences in a PCH Spec Home and Custom Home

I often get asked the difference between a Precision Custom Home  Spec Home and building a Custom Home with PCH— so here is a simple break down to help you…

I often get asked the difference between a Precision Custom Home  Spec Home and building a Custom Home with PCH— so here is a simple break down to help you decide which route would be most cost effective, beneficial and overall the best fit for you and your family.

What is a “Spec” Home?

The term “spec” is short for speculative home for sale. This is a home PCH builds and designs completely  independent from any buyer. Our team chooses the floor plan, overall design direction, design features, colors (or whatever else you can think of) and we buy the land, build the house and sell the home for a set price. There is no buyer involved until the home is on the real estate market. 

What is a Custom Home?

A Custom Home is where a buyer comes to our team with land and wants PCH to build a home for them. With this option, clients work with PCH to develop a floor plan (usually one of our floor plans or a variation of one) and together we decide on a direction for the design and the must haves/can’t stand to haves for the home—all based on a budget. Unlike some other custom builders, the home owners do not have the hassle and overwhelming job of picking out every single fixture/finish and trying to figure out if it all goes together. PCH retains control of the design and works closely with the home buyers to keep costs within budget.  But don’t worry that you’ll lose all control, we promise it will be a beautiful cohesive design that everyone loves. The price of a custom home is extremely variable.

So what are the biggest differences….

  1. Cost. Generally speaking our Spec homes are finished and a set price. This price ends up being dictated by the housing market. However, the final price depends a lot on the floor plan and finishes. In a Custom Home the price tends to go up considerably and can range from $110-$140 a square foot. Let’s be honest— people always want more than they think they do in a dream home—  even on a budget… and people tend to want to go bigger than what they originally thought or… unforeseen issues always rear their ugly heads and increase costs beyond anyones control and push the price above a spec home. 
  1. Location. Normally you will find Spec Homes in our subdivisions (like Summerlin out in the Sanford/Spring Lakes area) but sometimes PCH finds land to purchase outside of a subdivision and that’s why you’ll see single spec homes for sale in other areas like Fayetteville, Haymount, Raeford etc… but these single homes can be few and far between depending on what we have going on and if we find land in certain areas. On the other hand, Custom Homes can be built anywhere in the general Fayetteville area as long as the home buyer purchases the land. PCH can build custom homes anywhere in the Greater Fayetteville area to include: Aberdeen, Southern Pines, Raeford, Sanford, Spring Lakes, Fayetteville and Haymount… pretty much anywhere around the Fort Bragg area. 
  1. Personalization. There is very little… to no personalization with a Spec Home. PCH can switch out some finishes, repaint some walls or something minor if its agreed upon by both parties and in the buyers contract, but these changes are generally small and at an additional cost to the buyer. With a Custom Home there is a great deal of personalization that happens. In the beginning the buyers have design meetings with the PCH team and decide on a certain look and design style, which includes the  must haves/can’t live with things for a home. Next, PCH puts together a couple different cohesive design plans/idea boards (flooring, cabinets, lighting etc…) for the clients to look through. Then, together we decide on what is best design wise and stays within the budget for the home. To be clear –> the client does not pick out every single finish and generally we like to surprise the client with things we are 100% sure they will love. 
  1. Time. The great thing about a Spec Home is that it is already built and ready to move into. However, with a Custom Home the wait is going to be longer. This is mainly because there are a lot of variables that go into building a home and we estimate 8-12 months once a client has an approved floor plan and land and is ready to really start. 

So, which home is for you?

If you are flexible about where you live, love any PCH design, want a subdivision and have a tight timeline to move now… then a spec home is probably best for you. However, if you have to stay in a certain area, need a home with specific features or lots of land, want a certain design style and have a more flexible budget and timeline— then a custom home may be more your speed. Either way just know the PCH team will work hard to give you the most beautiful designer home you’ve ever seen and make the entire process as simple and painless as humanly possible. 

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