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Final Walk Through Checklist When Buying a New Home

This checklist is set to serve as a general guide for a final walk through— whether you’re buying an older home from a private seller or finding a home in a new construction subdivision.

Those final moments before you buy a home are both exciting and terrifying… you don’t want to seem like an over zealous nut with a magnifying glass to the floor but you also don’t want to be super blasé and miss something you’ll have to pay for later.

Here are some quick tips for that final walk through. 

  1. Bring important documents and check them. This includes: the final contract to confirm the terms and your inspection summary to double check all repairs were completed as agreed upon. 
  2. Have something to take notes with (phone, note pad etc…). Start with the date and time and document anything that comes up. 
  3. Have your phone/camera and charger ready. This will allow you to supplement your notes with photos of areas in the home that may be damaged or any repairs that still need to take place. The phone and charger can also help you test electrical outlets to make sure they are working properly.
  4. Have your real estate agent present. You will likely need them to answer questions and walk you through the process.
  5. Schedule your final walk through before your closing day and make sure construction debris and garbage from repairs is picked up and the property is clean and ready for move in.
  6. Test windows and doors. Make sure all locks and latches work correctly and that the windows have screens. 
  7. Check out the kitchen. Turn appliances off/on and make sure there isn’t any mold, standing water or water damage around areas like the refrigerator, sink or dishwasher. 
  8. Next go to the bathrooms. Also look for any leaks or water and mold around the shower, sink or toilet. Also test the toilets and make sure they flush properly and aren’t running constantly. Then turn on all the faucets and shower heads and make sure they don’t leak and have hot water. In addition you want the tub and sinks to drain quickly and correctly.  
  9. If there is a laundry room check the sink in there and test that the washer and dryer work as well
  10. If there is any major system that turns off and on then make sure its working properly. This means heat, A/C, doorbell, garage doors etc… 
  11. Check all outlets with your phone to make sure they work. If they don’t work than you could have some electrical issues that need to be fixed before closing. Also look at the plate covers to make sure they’re undamaged and turn all lights and fans off and on as well.
  12. Take a look at the circuit breaker to make sure its clean and working properly 
  13. Look for any signs of pests. You don’t want termites or rats or worse in your home. Make sure there aren’t any crumbly timbers, dry rot or spongy floors. Also, look for any kind of animal droppings.
  14. Walk around the entire inside and outside and confirm the landscaping is as agreed upon. Make sure there is no strange standing water and turn on an irrigation system (if present) to make sure its works.

While this list may seem a bit much—its better to be safe than sorry. Please remember: most of the time people are good people and no one is trying to rip you off, however, mistakes do happen and you want to make sure everything in your house is in tip top shape and as agreed upon in your final contract BEFORE you move in. 

Here at Precision Custom Homes we take care of this checklist with you!

Once you purchase one of our homes we try to minimize your stress and work hard to make sure everything is in order long before move in day. We personally have our project manager do a thorough walk through with you to discuss all the details of the home, inspect every corner, nook and cranny so that you feel comfortable and to answer any questions that come up through out the process. 

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