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Upcoming New Homes Available for Sale

Looking to move in the next 3 to 12 months? Take a look at our inventory of upcoming new homes for sale. We have a variety of homes planned on various timelines. Let's customize your designer dream home on a timeline that meets your needs.

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15641 Raccoon RunWagramScotlandDeercroftAnconia$270k-$275kMBDR 1st Floor, Cathedral Ceiling in LRNew Inspiration!17-Jul-20
15621 Raccoon RunWagramScotlandDeercroftWyatt 2.0$270k-$275kOpen Concept, Covered PorchTBD14-Aug-20
Pinedale Ct. Lot 18WagramScotlandDeercroftGalt 1.0$260k-$270kTBD18-Sep-20
18 Oak Forest Dr. SanfordHarnettSummerlinMidas 1.0
214 Summerlin Dr. SanfordHarnettSummerlinMises 1.0
66 Oak Forest Dr. SanfordHarnettSummerlinWyatt 2.0
81 Oak Forest Dr. SanfordHarnettSummerlinRand 1.0
150 Summerlin Dr. SanfordHarnettSummerlinRagnar 2.0
30260 E. Lake Dr. (Lot 4)WagramScotlandDeercroftRothbard 1.0$290k-$300k4 BDR / 3BTH 2 Story Great RoomTBD
Vista Point Lot 11WagramScotlandDeercroftTBD
616 Tidewater Ct. SanfordLeeHawkins RunGalt 1.0$250k-$260k4 BDR /2.5 BTH
E. Lake Dr. Lot 5WagramScotlandDeercroftTBD
Titmouse Ct. Lot 15WagramScotlandDeercroftTBD
W.Lake Dr. Lot 20WagramScotlandDeercroftTBD
Slocomb Rd. Lot 1LindenCumberlandN/ATBD2+ Acre Lot
Slocomb Rd. Lot 2LindenCumberlandN/ATBD2+ Acre Lot
Slocomb Rd. Lot 3LindenCumberlandN/ATBD2+ Acre Lot
Slocomb Rd. Lot 4LindenCumberlandN/ATBD2+ Acre Lot
Slocomb Rd. Lot 5LindenCumberlandN/ATBD2+ Acre Lot
*Projected completion data subject to change.

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