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Why Precision Custom Homes is NOT your “Average” Builder

It's 2pm on any given Wednesday (or Sunday). Our fearless leader (my husband) is now 5 hours deep into a marathon hunt for a teak 60 inch double vanity.  Looming over him are 13 missed calls, 7 voicemails, and 11 text messages in the queue and quietly demanding his attention. Despite having extensive knowledge of almost every vanity under the sun— he still can’t manage to find the perfect one. He knows the holy grail of vanities must be out there somewhere… on the other hand… he does have an entire business to run so he decides to take a break from his vanity quest and turn his attention to other pressing matters at hand.

This scenario plays itself out almost every day with a plethora of different products and perfectly sums up Shaun’s obsessive streak and complete unwillingness to compromise each home’s design aesthetic. Shaun knows from experience that if you look long enough and through enough websites—you can generally find the perfect chandelier, vanity hardware or flooring at just the right price. Truth be told he probably came across many “good” vanities but they simply were not the perfect vanity for the space. Does he sometimes compromise our design? Never. Does he sometimes pay more than originally budgeted to get the perfect piece? Yes, but he’s a smart enough businessman to find other areas of the budget where we can save money if necessary. This whole process works so well for Precision Custom Homes (PCH) because attention to detail is what makes PCH the business that it is.

There is ALWAYS a conscious decision to make each house unique and special. It doesn’t matter if the home is being restored or built fresh from the ground up. A typical design takes 20-30 man hours and involves routinely visiting job sites to get a feel for the space and to make sure the design selections will work in the given area. There is no ONE vendor for any one product — whether its lights or cabinets or hardware Shaun is always looking for the best price for the best product fit AND this means developing relationships with countless vendors to maximize the selections available for a completely custom finished product. Of course, the whole process becomes even more challenging when his creative manager (aka his wife) decides that a certain element  (cough… 60″ teak vanity) is absolutely necessary to complete a design. At the end of day, it is a very time and labor intensive operation—which is why most builders don’t do this. But it is vital for us to have a cohesive design so that everything fits perfectly together and one room flows seamlessly into another. Other renovators and builders may try to add in custom features but the overall cohesiveness is lacking because the design is not well thought out.

So, as you are walking through a Precision Custom Home and happen to marvel at the beauty of the Master Bathroom… rest assured… first of all no one else will ever have a bathroom like this….and secondly part of the reason this room looks so good in the home is because the owner of the company personally took the time to find the perfect gray hexagon floor tile to complement that teal accent wall (that his wife insisted was necessary), next to the driftwood style vanity that looks like it came with matte black hardware (but it didn’t—it was replaced to match the vintage vanity light) and oval gold mirrors that were being sold on eBay by a nice little old lady in someplace like Ohio.

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